Thursday, November 17, 2016

A Blessed November

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Frontier Mobilization In Action

We are celebrating with our team in East Asia (location and names protected) as they push forward into the frontier.  When our family joined the Center for Mission Mobilization and spent the summer of 2015 raising support and sharing our vision one of the illustrations we used was what we call "The Gap".  We described the reality that because of the success of the last 200 years of mission 85% of Christianity now exists outside of the West but that we all still think of the Great Commission being fulfilled by western missionaries.  The CMM believes that the Global Church is uniquely positioned and qualified to reach people groups where traditional missionaries are not going or can no longer go and our ministry exists to mobilize this Global Church towards the unreached.  Above you see Bri who serves on our East Asia team.  She discipled and mobilized "Sarah" who joined the team entirely funded from asian believers - you celebrated this with us a couple of months ago.  Well Sarah is living out her calling in sharing the Gospel and love of Christ for the first time with "Kassar" who belongs to an unreached Mongolian people group.  Kassar is so excited about his new relationship with God that on his school break he returned home to share the Gospel with his family and friends.  There are now people in his people group hearing about God for the first time because of the mission of an East Asian believer who was mobilized to the unreached.  This is an example of the potential our brothers and sisters from Africa, Asia and Latin America have in bringing the Gospel to the unreached.  
We held a "town hall" meeting with our East Asia team last week to catch up and celebrate.  Distance and time zones are a bear but technology is helping shrink the divides.  I'm learning more about the security needs of communicating in unfriendly countries and trusting God in his protection in closing listening ears as we sort out our best policies and procedures.  

CLIMB Conference 

I had the pleasure of a whirlwind two week trip through Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas this last month.  The objectives were recruiting of new missionaries, organizational and personal support raising attending the CLIMB Conference and presenting to my first CMM board meeting.  It was an great time of catching up with folks I have not seen in many years.  The board meeting was outstanding and our recruiting and funding efforts will show fruit.  Support Raising Solutions, one of CMMs ministry arms, held the first ever CLIMB - a gathering of more than 170 leaders of 80 ministries representing nearly 80,000 field workers from organizations such as Campus Crusade, Navigators, Every Nations, Catholic Christian Outreach and others.  We explored how best to lead our ministries and create structure and policies that lead to success for our workers. I was humbled to have a seat at the table and to see such open handed sharing amongst these giants of the Great Commission.  

Family News

Some of you know I had the unique oportunity to experience shattering my clavicle about six weeks ago.  In my quest to ignore my ever increasing age I picked up the great sport of rugby. The Crash, our missionary team (a crash is what you call a heard of rhino), was invited to play in the Nairobi Impala Tournament with 6 other teams.  We had 4 Kenyan teams, a French team and a British Military team....let me tell you that UK team was stacked with Samoan guys that still give me nightmares.  This was one of the greatest days of my over 40 life until the last two minutes of our last match at about 10:30pm.  I came up short on a tackle I should not have risked and paid the price.  I've got six inches of steel, eight screws, thirty-two stitches and hundreds of pills to show for it.  :) Thanks for your ongoing prayers in my healing.  I am back behind the wheel now but my sweet Lillian had to help me out for a while here....driving age is 18 but as she is 5'11" now I don't think the police question it.  I'm well on the road to recovery and appreciating the lessons learned of not taking it all for granted. 
Just a couple more shots I like with Ashley doing life with friends here in Nairobi.  She has been spending a lot of time lately getting a much deeper knowledge of Asian and African cooking styles, ingredients and culture.  She is really loving her time with these ladies.  
Lillian spent a weekend camping and celebrating a friend's birthday a week ago.  I love this foto of these girls exploring God's great creation.  Note the rainbow in the waterfall.  "I have set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be a sign of the covenant between me and the earth." Gen 9:13
Prayer & Praise 

Please continue to celebrate with us the great work going on in the field.  Being able to find a good surgeon here to fix me up.  For our wonderful local community that we can do life with.  
  • Please continue to pray for our friend Petr and his pastors who are approaching one year of imprisonment in Sudan. VOM has decided to go public with the plight and you can see that here.
  • Pray for our very dear friends the Prestons.  David suffered a stroke and they are trusting God in recovery.  He is getting stronger every day.  
  • Pray for us as we love, guide and encourage three teenagers.
  • Pray for a successful visit from With Open Eyes and Journey Church as they serve in central Kenya. 
God bless you all! 
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Dear <>,
We appreciate your part in sending us to the frontline of mission mobilization.  It is a joy to share our family updates with you.  Let us know how we can, in turn, be praying for you! "I always thank God for you, remembering you in my prayers..."
- Ashely, Lillian, Ella Jade, Duncan and MacGregor
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