Thursday, September 24, 2015

Back in the saddle

Back in the saddle

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Ashley, Lillian, Ella Jade, Duncan and MacGregor serving His Kingdom in Eastern Africa.  As God promised Abraham we have been blessed to be a blessing in this season. 

We've been back in the saddle for one month now. 

We returned home to a cold Nairobi 50 degrees...and now into spring already.  We sure miss that Fall LSU football feel around Baton Rouge.

All was well on the home front for the most part.  We were happily greeted by the dogs, Amazi and Zoe, and the leopard tortoises, Mustang Sally and Kobe.

But, Ella Jade was quite surprised to find 6 unrecognized chickens in the coop.  Sadly our long time kukus (Swahili for chicken) came to an untimely demise do to a predatory visit from the bordering Kirura Forest.  Amaze and Zoe should feel tremendous guilt for failing in their duty to protect the homestead.  Our Night guard, Nixon, was in tears over the incident and managed to work with the day guard, Charles, to scrape together 6 replacement chickens before Ella Jade returned.  I suppose they know who is in charge around this family.  We have eggs a plenty so all is well that ends well when it comes to my breakfast.  

Speaking of breakfast, Lillian was heavily jet lagged and decided to make us all a huge one at 4am!
So what is the right gift for your conference facilitators? Some roosters of course.  My fellow missionaries, John Allert and Eraston Kighoma, and I ran a "XPlore" conference in Uganda for pastors interested in the idea of mobilization.  A great take away for them all was, as Robert Speer says, "There is a general obligation resting upon Christians to see that the gospel of Jesus Christ is preached to the world.You and I need no special call to apply that general call of God to our lives."  
Here one of the pastors is practicing a technique of learning by teaching others. That, my friend, is a well used Bible in his hands.  

BlueSky Kenya and Climb BlueSky is going strong.  They utilized our house all summer with different  camp counselors coming and going.  Ella Jade enjoyed an evening of climbing this last weekend with friends.  These folks are doing great work ministering in the Asian Hindu and Muslim area of Nairobi.  Their youth programs are top notch if you have college age kids looking for summer service opportunities next summer don't hesitate to reach out and we will connect you.  
Lillian's visual art class project was titled "Lost But Not Forgotten".  I'm tremendously proud of her in this work.  She was also the model for the lost and withdrawn soul being drawn back into God's presence by two caring friends.  His sheep are dear to Him.  
Prayer request?  Send us yours! Please...... :)

We have a few:
  • I am off to Northern Uganda and Ethiopia for the next 10 days hosting a mission team from With Open Eyes to work with our Sudanese pastors in a refugee camp and to work with Mobile Messengers in multiple locations.  
  • Ashely is planning a trip for us to minister to our teams in China and possibly Malaysia soon.  
  • I'm working with our teams in Peru, Kenya, Malaysia and China to produce strategic plans and budgets by the end of this month.  
  • We've now got 5 families and 2 singles on the ground here in Nairobi and are awaiting the arrival of 3 more singles as soon as their fundraising is complete.  Very exciting. 
  • Housing - Our current house needs a total roof repair and we are trying to determine if living through that process here is workable or if God has another better option.  Ashley has looked at dozens of options but the price is not yet right.  Pray for wisdom and favor. 
We are actively recruiting sustainable monthly support partners.  If you feel called to answer that need please don't hesitate to reach out to us or click here to sign up.  
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