Monday, May 25, 2015

Seventh Year In The Books

Seventh Year In The Books

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Ashley, Lillian, Ella Jade, Duncan and MacGregor serving His Kingdom in Eastern Africa.  As God promised Abraham we have been blessed to be a blessing in this season. 

We are closing out school year number 7 in Africa!

It is an amazing testimony of what God can do.  We can't imagine that we have been here this long.  What a joy it has been to serve His Kingdom in some small way.  

We are very much looking forward to seeing friends and family in Louisiana, North Carolina, KCMO and California....and who knows where else when it is all said and done.   Look out for us as we want to spread around as many hugs as possible.

See you soon!
A couple of brief updates from the last month........
Ella Jade's 7th grade CRE (Cristian Religeous Education) class took on a partnership project with a local school and orphanage, Future Hope.  They collected school supplies and books to seed a library along with other needed items prior to their visit.  They spent the day in multiple activities with the children.  Ella Jade particularly enjoyed baking Mandazi (think Bignet without the powdered sugar), reading stories and teaching drawing techniques with a group of girls about her age.  
Duncan's 7th grade Social Studies class emphasized "Impact Projects" all year.  They were encouraged to live out ways that exhibited love and care for others.  He has been observing a Mama Mzee for a while that sets up an unofficial produce stand on the route we take to and from school for a while and has been concerned that she does not always exhibit a spirit of cheer.  He decided one way he could impact her was to treat her with kindness, spend a bit of time talking with her then choose to purchase her inventory in full.  Allowing her to call it an early day and saving her from the risk of spoilage and loss of future sales.  He then took the goods to school and shared freely with the security, grounds keeping and janitorial teams.  This can be a special opportunity here as many people choose to "fast" later in the month when their funds are running short.  He really had great joy in sharing with folks and receiving encouraging feedback from them.

I'm thrilled our little school is so encouraging in these areas.
"They are to do good, to be rich in good works, to be generous and ready to share, thus storing up treasure for themselves as a good foundation for the future, so that they may take hold of that which is truly life."
1 Timothy 5:18-19
Lillian just had her braces removed but has declined my sweet offer to get a closeup photo for all of our partners to share in her joy :) 
Does your Baptismal Font look like this?  It is always exciting to see folks so committed to being joined with Christ they don't care what the condition of the water is.  
This months Chronological Bible Storying class was a great success.  The trainers from Serge brought us wonderful things to think about.  Processing where our idols lay individually and how that message can be brought back to the rural locations these pastors serve.  
Lastly - we have finally, after seven years, established an organized way to receive, receipt and manage the Kingdom investments of our partners.  If you are prayerfully called to partner with us in this way please Click Here to redirect to a page to easily manage that process.  
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