Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Great Retreat Weekend in Naivasha

The family just attended this past weekend the first Africa Regional Office Staff Retreat held at Lake Naivasha in Kenya.  It was a great opportunity for all of the families to get to know each other.  A facilitator from Outdoors Africa led us through several team building activities that are designed to help groups learn to better communicate, develop strategies and problem solve.  In the USA we are pretty familiar with activities such as these and most of the jargon has assimilated into our everyday vocabulary.  Many of these concepts are newer to Africans and especially family members/spouses outside of the NGO environment.  Our group represented 5 countries on two continents and it was helpful to be reminded of our cultural differences and how that effects communication not only in the workplace, but in our everyday lives and relationships.

Ella Jade is passionate about her Passion Fruit and managed to put away about a sack of the things over the weekend. 

The hotel had a very nice water feature area just outside our rooms.

And the lake shore is always great for seeing hippos, giraffes and other non-predator animals.

Ashley made friends with Kilo the local Louisiana Crawfish farmer (introduced by some NGO a number of years ago as an attempt to increase protein consumption in the area) and we will be attempting our first boil this weekend......assuming he makes the agreed upon Saturday morning delivery to Nairobi.  Very much looking forward to introducing our friends and neighbors to this great tradition.