Thursday, March 22, 2012

"Water is Just the Beginning"

Well, we often worry that yet another post about the water issues or a fun family weekend is old news at this point in our fourth year in Africa.  I was reminded by a friend today that it is worth sharing.

I consider our program in Uganda one of the best LWI has to offer.  I am trying to take many of the lessons learned to our other East Africa efforts.  My friend Ryan Youngblood, fantastic documentary guy, put together this short video capturing a great overview of the work there.

If you have four minutes today give it a visit:

Water is Just the Beginning from Living Water International on Vimeo.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fresh Vision for the Muslim World

If you are paying attention to the news, sorry the real news not American news, you are well aware that Arab Africa is in a huge transition from Western Sahara all the way around to Kenya.  Political change from government leaders to entirely new countries being formed, civil rights, pirates, terrorists, on and on.  A wild time to live in this part of the world.  Our home Church FPCBR is hosing a conference at the end of the month that should be an amazing opportunity to learn more about the realities of the "Muslim World".  We wish we could be there and encourage any local friends interested in such things to sign up.

The Global Missions Committee is pleased to invite you to First Presbyterian Church’s 2012 Global Missions Conference.Continuing our emphasis on reaching the Islamic world for Christ, this year we welcome Rev. Mike Kuhn as our speaker.  Mike is a pastor, missionary, teacher and author of Fresh Vision for the Muslim World.
Having served in Egypt for about 20 years (during which time he worshipped with our friends at Kasr el Dobara Evangelical Church), Mike developed numerous personal relationships with Muslims.  Fluent in Arabic, Mike is a rare Westerner who has read the Quran in Arabic, which means a great deal to his Muslim friends and gives him unique insight to share with his listeners.

Expect Mike to challenge our perceptions of Muslims.  Much of what we think is based on news coverage of extremist activity and is influenced by personal fear.  (Likewise Middle Eastern Muslims’ perception of Western Christians is based on what comes out of Hollywood – a scary thought.)  Mike asserts that we need a radical change of vision to one that is consistent with God’s Kingdom – one based on incarnational love.
Please join us on February 25th and 26th as Mike Kuhn shares his Fresh Vision for the Muslim World.
Dick Gates,
Associate Pastor for Missions
Chuck Barber,
Chairman, Global Missions Committee

Mike Kuhn along with his wife and family, lived twenty-two years in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. Although he holds Masters degrees in Arabic and theology, his understanding of the Muslim world has been shaped more by day-to-day interactions with Muslim friends and neighbors than by books or lectures. While living in the Middle East and North Africa, he grew to love Muslim people and appreciate their customs and language-Arabic. Mike’s ongoing friendship with Christ-followers from an Islamic background continues to influence his understanding of God’s pursuit to reconcile people of all nations to himself.
Mike and Stephanie recently decided to transition to a new ministry for a 2-year commitment. They will be working with LEARN (Leadership Education and Resource Network) based in Beirut, Lebanon.  The goal of the project is to put an interactive Biblical and theological curriculum (Arabic) online for 22 Arab countries and the Arab diaspora.  The target audience is Muslim background believers.  He and his family will live in the US and travel to Lebanon a few times during 2012 eventually moving to Lebanon in 2013. 

Mike also plans to start a doctoral degree at the Oxford Center for Mission Studies on the theme of the influence of narrative theology in the theological formation of Muslim background church leaders. 

Missions Conference Schedule and Registration

  • Schedule

    Saturday, February 259:00 – 10:15     Seminar: “The Islamic Worldview”
    A comparison of the Islamic and Christian worldviews on specific issues with reference both to the Quran and the Bible.  What is the nature of the world?  What is the nature of humanity?  What is the nature of the problem?  What is the solution?  Location: SB 202
    10:30 – 11:45   Seminar: “Awareness of Implicit Islamic Objections to the Gospel”An overview of the life of Muhammad, Jesus as portrayed in the Quran and the Issues of discipleship of Muslim Background Believers.Location: SB 202
    Sunday morning, February 26
    9:15 – 10:15     Combined Sunday School: “Jesus as Portrayed in the Quran”
    Location: Sanctuary
    10:30 – 11:45   One Combined 10:30 am worship
    Preaching Message: John 4, “Fresh Vision for the Muslim World”
    Jesus’ response to the Samaritans (John 4) and how it should inform and shape our response to the Muslim world.Location: Sanctuary
    11:45 – 1:00     Abbie’s Soup for the Soul Abbie’s Soup for the Soul. Bring a pot of your favorite soup to share with the congregation.  Donations will be accepted and will help supplement meals for Vyborg,Russia widows.Location: Gym
    Sunday evening, February 26
    6:00 – 8:00     Dinner & Presentation: “A Historic Overview of Muslim Relations with the Christian West”
    Understanding the Islamic militant and fundamentalist. Mike contrasts the “House of Islam” with the Kingdom of God, revealing the radically different ramifications of each.Location: Reception Room
    Dinner will be served from 6-6:30 with our presentation to follow. A Serop’s chicken shawarma meal will be $10.00 per person. Please rsvp to the church office or register online at Childcare provided.