Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Driver's Seat View of My World

Just a typical day on the road in rural East Africa

A Day In The Life from MacGregor Magruder on Vimeo.

Just a typical day on the road in rural East Africa. Produced by my friend Ryan Youngblood, Video captured by Ryan and Austin Mann,

Monday, November 1, 2010

20 year old needs Pacemaker!

John with his family as he was leaving for India.
Of course we never knew when we sent John off to study in India that just a few months after arriving he would develop a life threatening heart condition.  John's heartbeat became so slow that he was fainting.  After going to the hospital, it was determined that he has a "right bundle branch block" and "bradycardia".  This means the electrical signals in his heart are not firing often enough and his pulse gets down to 20 beats per minute at night.  Doctors have tried to treat him with medication, but so far to no avail.  The next step is a pacemaker.  John is of course terrified, alone in India, and without insurance.  He is looking to us as his parents!  We are also "terrified" as this is WAY more than we bargained for.  Having two kids with heart issues (and now a third ;-)  it is my desire to help John get the medical care that he needs.  In India he is getting good medical care that I don't think would have been available to him in Rwanda.  So, I know God put him there for a reason, but now he needs God's provision and prayers to help him get the treatment he needs.  Pacemaker surgery will cost between $2000 and $2200 USD.  Please consider prayer and partnership with this young man.  Donations can be sent to First Presbyterian Church, Baton Rouge (put Rwanda in the memo) or use the PayPal link on our blog to donate with a credit card.

UPDATE:  Our good friend Scott Ragsdale has a very cool company called "naseba",, and they just happen to have an office in Bangalore.  He very kindly dispatched one of his key guys to investigate the situation and over this week and through a good number of tests it looks like John will not have to have surgery at this point and possibly not at all!  Apparently he is at an excellent medical facility and they have been quite thorough.  More to come.  Thanking God for good friends and relief for John.