Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Muzungu, Mzungu, Musungu whatever you want to call us

One of the things "people of European decent" or "white travelers" first notice when traveling the East and Central Africa region is a consistent repetitive heckling of MUZUNGU from mostly kids but also adults.  Exact spelling and pronunciation varies slightly by location and language.  Most often it is good natured and accompanied with general excitement and interest in what it is we are doing.  For example, when shopping at the farmers market there is great interest in what the muzungu is purchasing or when getting fuel everyone wants to see how much you get, what is in your car, etc.  We also adopt the term ourselves as in exclaiming in shopping "oye, that is the muzungu price!  I live here, I am Rwandan, give me the Rwnadan price!"

What is really special in my work is when I am the first muzungu that kids have actually had the chance to meet.  They generally can't wait to see if my skin is the same texture, how my hair feels and what kind of goofy noises and faces I can make for them.  A huge hit is always the "fart machine" on my phone.  It is always a great pleasure to clown around and share time with them.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Field Trip

I want to get better about updating the blog with the reality of our lives.  I am told that what has become standard to us is still interesting for others who might stumble upon this page or friends and family back home living the American Dream. 

I am just back from another great road trip up into Southern Uganda where we have a fantastic water, health and evangelism program focusing on children and schools.  The purpose of the trip was to check on progress and to get our videographers, Austin Mann (austinmann.com) and Ryan Youngblood (fiveonefilms.com) on location to produce some great stuff for the folks who have funded the program there. 

The Uganda team wanted to celebrate the completion of 50 projects this year so we had a good old fashioned goat roast.  IMG_0131 IMG_0135IMG_0133 
Now, goat speaks for itself and is awesome.  For desert we had Jack Fruit, these things get huge and the bigger they are the more like a giant slice of butt do they taste.  Maybe the worst food joke God had for us here on earth. 
We crashed at the Ariho Hotel, “Savvy travelers know”, 6 luxurious rooms and road side dining.  IMG_0205IMG_0137 IMG_0138IMG_0139 “Top Flight Security” door.    IMG_0208
To the field…..Austin had a great tiny adventure ready video camera so we attached it to the hood of my Defender to capture the feel of driving around (I will link to that when he has it up on his site) IMG_0194
One of the great things of my mission is working in places as beautiful as this………
and on roads like this…IMG_0148IMG_0143
But, of course, it is about fixing problems like thisIMG_0165 and sharing the love of Christ with kids like these.IMG_0202IMG_0192 
On the way back into Rwanda Ryan “Mr. Cool” and I mac03 got caught in a fantastic hail storm…marble sized pellets blowing sideways.
IMG_0213 IMG_0214
Another great week in Africa.  I am constantly amazed that God has allowed me to participate in this work of His.

Anti HIV Campaign at Ugandan Schools

One of the fun things to do when I am at our projects in Uganda is to check out the latest anti HIV signs.  They have an entertaining campaign to discourage premarital sex and raise awareness towards abuse.  Here are some of the signs I enjoyed during this weeks trip.

Not sure about this last one............

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Video from our friends at 4-more.org

Our friends at 4-more.org are concerned with water for Rwandan orphans.  We went out to look at some of the need and they produced this neat video.  Also staring my friend Nick Greener with Water for Life.

Amazi by 4-More from MacGregor Magruder on Vimeo.