Saturday, March 6, 2010

It's getting hot in here

It has been a busy and interesting last month.  Lots of rain out of season causing mud and rock slides and flooding on the roads.  I have been back and forth between Burundi and Uganda each week and am thankful for my old Defender 90 and it's go anywhere attitude.
The local programs are going great.  Rwanda cranked out 3 new boreholes this week, the Uganda Water for Schools program is up and running full speed and Burundi is very close to being officially registered.   This next week will be busy as I have a visitor from DC coming to review the Rwanda and Uganda work and LWI Rwanda will be hosting an evangelism training focusing on Oral Bible Storytelling (obviously ideal for those cultures that learn and communicate without the written word). 

Ashley has been busy with another round of teaching English to pastors, a smaller more advanced group that is doing quite well.

It has gotten "hot" around Kigali.  Elections are coming up and the tension is rising.  We have had two series of grenade attacks in the last three weeks.  There is talk of it being tribal, political parties, a coup, etc etc.  All sorts of rumors and a general lack of clear information.  After the attacks on Thursday there was a huge ramp up in police/military presence on the streets, our kids school has armed guards out front from the Presidential Protection Force. 

Shrapnel damage from the attack at the bus stop for the farmers market where we shop for groceries. 

Pray for calm minds and peaceful hearts please,