Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Long time no post

I am sure the thousands or seven followers of our blog have been disappointed in the lack of updates. 

Should have given the update that the school in the post below did have a successful project completion.  Nick ended up installing a rain water tank system with a capacity of 120,000 liters.  Definitely enough to provide water throughout the dry season.  It was a very cool project.

Ashley has been very busy teaching English to a group of 60 Rwandan pastoral candidates at a local seminary.  It has been a great experience and I think she will be giving an update on that soon.

I have been busy traveling into Burundi.  LWI has asked me to establish our NGO there and it has been interesting as every meeting and document must be in French.  It is a great experience and opportunity and I am enjoying the process.  Burundi is similar to Rwanda in many ways.  They have experienced much of the same Tutsi / Hutu divide and violence.  They have taken a different approach to rebirth with a unified government model, as I understand it, giving percentages of seats to reflect population.  It will be interesting to watch both governments move forward and see lessons learned.   

We had a wonderful family trip this year for Christmas.  We were looking for a way to give the kids some western style entertainment (There is little, other than swimming and sports, for kids in Rwanda).  After doing some research Ashley discovered that you can snow ski, ice skate, water park and play in the desert all in one nearby location.  Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.  We really had a great time.  It was amazingly set up to cater to westerners in many ways.  The kids enjoyed the familiar foods, going to see a movie in an actual movie theater, visited a Toys-r-Us (complete with Muslim Barbie display), great day in the snow and at the water park, riding camels and sleeping in the desert, on and on. 
IMGP3957 IMGP3796 IMGP3824 IMGP3844 IMGP3866 IMGP3887 IMGP3916
Fantastic experience for all of us and it represented everything we moved to Rwanda to escape.  Reality check.  Ok, we miss some of this stuff for sure.  How do you build an appreciation for comfort and materialism without worshiping it?  Something for us to ponder more on.

Lillian has been eagerly awaiting the day she could harvest some items from the garden.  Today was an exciting day.IMGP4019

Finally, to conclude this cornucopia blog entry, I came across this prayer somewhere and wrote it down, I sure am sorry I can’t credit the writer but I find it appropriate for this time in our lives. 
“God, I know You have chosen me for a purpose. I pray for wisdom to pass the tests You allow in my life, to strengthen my faith and develop me for Your great purpose. If I am to lead; help me to lead. If I am to follow; help me to follow. If I am to make a difference in the world; help me to make that difference. If I am to influence one life; help me to influence that life.Help me to succeed and excel for Your glory”
Thanks friends, I pray that all of you have a blessed year filled with adventure and God’s clear will in your lives.