Friday, October 16, 2009

Kigali School Needs Water

 DSCF2109     We were told about a school that has about 2,200 kids and no running water.  Unfortunately the school is at the top of a mountain and the geology is not suitable for us to put in a well.  The good news is that my friend Nick with Water for Life Africa will be putting in a 100,000 liter capacity rain water harvesting system in the next week or two.
DSCF2114Notice this guy has his little yellow jug to bring his water to school.  We hear that the current water source for these kids is about a half hour walk down into the valley.  We venture down to see it and find these kids taking water from this muddy spring.DSCF2158  As I walk up I see the young man bent over drinking straight from it…this kills me every time.DSCF2160
Not 50 meters away is a hand pump.  The handle is missing, we make the assumption that either it was stolen to sell for scrap metal or the system broke and the handle was later taken.
DSCF2121Time to tear it down for the investigation.
Besides the missing handle the pump rod is broken off and we see down the casing broken light bulbs and random plastic pieces so we decide to bring it all up for a good cleaning and bleach treatment.
Time to put it back together and see how she runs.
Always a good day when we can see water like thisDSCF2173DSCF2171Thanks First Presbyterian Church Baton Rouge for helping us make this happen.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Update on the school in Zambia project

CW and Leslie sent me an email yesterday to share that the health training went very well at the school. There were about 500 local residents in attendance. 28 people approached them to make professions of faith and they will continue to work with and disciple those and others who wish to learn.

Great to see such community interest and buy-in in their efforts.