Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Water in Zambia

I had the great pleasure of visiting our partners in Zambia, CW and Leslie Bing with Water For The Oppressed. I was looking for funding opportunities for the program there and had the chance to spend the day repairing wells with the team.

We were working in the Kafue Flats area and found a community with a borehole that has been down for 3 years.
Apparently the pipes must have rusted out or someone robbed the parts for another well elsewhere. According to the cement it was funded by Africare 11 years ago. As you can see this is a very dry area and they were getting their water here.

The water is back and even the chicken wanted in on the picture.

After the repair a lady road up on a bike and asked us to go to their children's school where they had an issue as well. No problem, we bounced down the trail to Kabweza Basic School. There are approximately 700 children and 12 teachers at the school and one well that serves the local villages as well we were told. This is difficult as a borehole is rated to serve 600 people effectively maximum. The nearby communities fill drums and roll them back home.

We found that the well required a lot of pumping and the volume of water was low, when you stopped pumping for a minute you would have to pump for a while to get the water back. Either a bad foot valve or the pipes were rusted through.We found that the pipes were bad and wound up replacing most of the parts including the pump head.
Cute kids from another repair site. Simple story, they were thirsty.

The thing I love about CW and Leslie's ministry is that while we were working Leslie was organizing with the communities and school for their evangelism and health education team to come back this week for teaching, praise and prayer. They do not just do a quick strike model, they will be in the area for a long time, seeking out needs and building friendships.