Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Well Rehab – Kanombe

I love to do well rehabilitations.  Yesterday was a great day.  We completed three repairs, two on the east side of Kigali and one in Kanombe.  This site in Kanombe serves about 500 people and went down about a month ago.  We heard through the grapevine about it and wanted to see what we could do.  It is great fun to spend time in the community and see the crowds grow as we make the repair.  We joke and pray together during the process and praise together when the water is restored.

We discover this well is 45 meters deep and has 10 meters of water in the casing so it is not dry.  We need to pull pump rod out to see if the seal is bad.


IMG_1688 IMG_1689 IMG_1690 IMG_1709 Missing a tooth but not the problem. 

IMG_1716 My little helper, he agrees that we need to go ahead and pull the pipe to see if the problem is in the foot valve or a leaky joint.  Good decision.

IMG_1727 IMG_1766  IMG_1790 IMG_1787 Yep, here is the problem.IMG_1818Repaired, now time to put all this pipe back in the ground.   IMG_1815  IMG_1822 IMG_1829 Tighten the last bolt and pray for water.  IMG_1838 IMG_1846Wow, it is good to have water again, BTW let’s talk about some good hygiene practices.IMG_1847

Please excuse the egocentric photos.  As payback God had me forget my long sleeve shirt at the house so I have a great sunburn going on my arms and back of my neck.  This equatorial sun is strong.  It can take it out of you after 6 hours, and sometimes you just have to take a little nap before heading to the next repair site (one advantages of being able to fall asleep anywhere and get a full nap in 5 to10 minutes…..not so good driving though).