Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fun Project

Piped Tank 004Piped Tank 002  There is an orphanage that we LWI has tried to drill 2 wells for in the past.  Both attempts were unsuccessful as it is high on a ridge and the area is dry.  We have learned that 3 kilometers away is this abandoned water pumping station and 2 very large water storage tanks that are fed by a natural spring.

Piped Tank 005 Piped Tank 003 The spring is still flowing strong and the locals tell us that even in the dry season there is no reduction.

Piped Tank 006 Piped Tank 009 As you can see it has been “protected” and tapped to make it easier for use by the community.  The water is good and clean.

Piped Tank 007 Piped Tank 012 Piped Tank 015 The idea is to bring in a municipal water contractor from Uganda to see what it would take to bring the tanks up to sanitary standards, the pumps back online and get the water 3km up the mountain directly to the orphanage and surrounding community.  With half the infrastructure already in place we are praying it will come to pass.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Not as easy as it looks…..

The work is not as easy as it looks.  Yesterday while out looking at some drill sites that need to be prepared we got a call that the rig was down to the axels in mud.  A well had just been successfully drilled in Gisore and as the team was trying to leave the weight of the rig sunk it in deep.  Happens.  This life is hard on the equipment. 

DSCF1743DSCF1742We use the hydraulic jacks to pick the rig up into the air.  The worlds strongest man, Theogene on the left.  Seriously could be the next star linebacker for LSU if he were in the States.  Can carry alone what it takes 3 other crew members to lift.


Build our own roadDSCF1728DSCF1731

Move a couple of meters and start all over


Looks like we need more horse power, hook her up to the compressor truck
DSCF1738Cap’n I’m givin’ her all she’s got! 

       DSCF1760  The kids are supper excited about all this entertainment.DSCF1763We are all excited because the community was getting their water from here

DSCF1772 DSCF1775

It all works out in the end!  Fun afternoon as you know boys love to play 4x4 in the mud.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Wonderful Safari!

We had a very low key Christmas, aka not much under the tree, but we did splurge on a short Safari trip to Uganda. It was so worth it. We went to the Mweya Safari Lodge in Queen Elizabeth's park, Uganda. We stayed three nights and four days. The drive was about 8 hours to get there including the 1 hour border crossing procedure. I've posted some great pictures on Facebook. On our drive into to the lodge we spotted some elephants. Once at the lodge there were warthogs grazing on the grounds. One even "kissed" Lillian on the knee. We took a two hour channel cruise on the natural channel that connects lake George and lake Edward. From the water you can see hippos, elephants, cape buffalo, and birds galore! It was the highlight of the trip. We also saw two lionesses, baboons, 3 leopards, Ugandan Kob, Water Bucks, & Topi. The buffet was also fabulous! It was a wonderfully fun and relaxing time.

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas Day 2008

We had a great Christmas Day. Sorry we are tardy on posting pictures but our internet is slow to upload to the blog, for some reason it is much easier on Facebook.

We spent the morning at Christ's Church in Rwanda where we are enjoying the fellowship and pastor. After lunch we went to one of the well sites on the North side of Kigali and passed out water storage bottles, spent a couple of hours pumping water for our brothers and sisters and played with the kids. Ashley and Ella had a good time doing origami which was a huge hit.

Good form Ella - full range of movement

Lillian came to love on them and they loved her more.